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5 Ghanaian Players Who Own Multimillion Businesses Outside Football

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Football and business are two very different things.

However, in this global era many players have made the decision to invest their earnings in diverse fields in a bid to ensure they do not go hungry after their careers.

The David Beckhams, Cristiano Ronaldos and the Neymars all have different businesses outside the world of football, making them three of the most business-minded footballers you will ever come across.

But the good thing is that some Ghanaian players have also decided to toe the same line in investing their monies into other businesses outside football.

Derek Boateng’s hotel  Such a step means insuring their future and making sure they do not go hungry even after their heydays on the field are long gone. 
Here are five Ghanaian players who are into business:

1. Sulley Muntari

Former Black Stars midfielder Sulley Muntari might currently be without a club, but his investment is certainly one thing that can never be taken away from him.

The 32-year-old owns a garage in Italy, where he deals in cars and other motors. He previously revealed that he would want to go into full-time car dealings should he retire from football.

Muntari at his 4FK Motors He owns different cars in his garage, making him one of the most successful players outside football.

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