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7 crucial facts about Ebony Reigns you never knew

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Arguably, the majority of Ghanaians, if not all have heard about Ebony Reigns and her super hit songs.

However, not many people really know much about the ‘Sponsor’ hit maker’s personality and background.

Against this backdrop, YEN brings you seven crucial facts you never knew about Ebony

1. She is the youngest female musician in Ghana: Ebony Reigns is just twenty years of age.

Judging by her stature, actions and looks, the ‘Date your Father’ hit maker looks more than twenty years. But the truth is she was born on February 16, 1997.

Ebony is also on record as the first female musician to garner over a million views on all her videos released so far – Poison, Sponsor, and ‘Hustle’. She reigns as the youngest, influential and controversial musician Ghanaians have seen in recent times.

2. Ebony has a typical Akan name: Though her stage name sounds more like an American, the star of the moment Ebony, has a typical Akan name just like any other person born and bred in Ghana.

Her real name Pricilla Opoku Agyeman is only kept in her official documents as she makes waves in the music industry with the captivating stage name ‘Ebony Reigns’.

3. Ebony has 9 piercings and 17 tattoos on her body: More than what is immediately seen on her skin, Ebony revealed some time this year that she has 9 piercings and seventeen tattoos all over her body.

She has multiple ear-piercings; also multiple piercings in her naval, on her nose, tongue, eye-brow and probably other unseen parts of her body. Ebony also has 17 tattoos on her body. The most visible ones are seen around her wrist, arms, neck, the back of her waist and stomach area.

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