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7 heartbreaking photos of soldier who died 1 month to his wedding

Lt. Sormenah, according to the report, died on Friday, September 7 while on admission at a hospital following a bizarre accident.

Sormenah was reportedly knocked down by a car on September 4 while training with officer cadets.

What has caused the huge social media anger and pain is the information that though the impact of the hit was so hard the car’s driving mirror yanked off, the driver failed to stop to attend to the victim.

More heartbreaking is the fact that the handsome-looking Sormenah was set to get married to his fiancée, Maame Efua Addison, on October 6.

Sormenah was not only a handsome man but a dedicated soldier who looked to be a team player as well.

Looking at these photos, it is obvious that Sormenah was a fun-loving person who was full of life. It is therefore not surprising that his death is causing such an uproar on social media.