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Abeiku Santana Exposes YouTube Pastor, Evangelist Addae

Radio & TV Presenter Abeiku Santana aka Mr. Toursim has finally broken silence on self-acclaimed Ghanaian US-based evangelist Emmanuel Addai, hiding behind YouTube and other social media platforms to tarnish people’s hard-won reputations.

Okay FM’s Drive Time host “Ekwansodwoodwoo”, Abeiku Santana is pleading the general public to avoid the so-called “Evangelist”, because he is a fake and liar who is only deceiving the general public with his fake thoughts on successful people in this country to make money for himself.

The evangelist on his social media page has accused the CEO of Despite Group of Companies; Dr. Osei Kwame Despite of allegedly using the blood which was recently donated by the general public during Despite/Special Group of Companies ‘Health Fair 2018’ at EL-Wak Stadium in Accra for his ritual sacrifices.

The alleged post has since gone viral on social media.

This same evangelist has in previous reports accused top stars such as Nana Ama McBrown, Maame Serwaa, Lilwin, Abeiku Santana and other successful personalities of allegedly being Illuminati or Occult members.

Read the statement below

You just can’t beat the person who never gives up!

There will be obstacles, there will be doubters but with hard work, prayers and the grace of God, there shall be No limits.

These days it is common knowledge that a good way to make quick and easy money is to put fear in Unsuspecting victims. Mushroom Churches, pastors and so-called “men of God “are hyping witchcraft, herbalist are diagnosing doom at the least provocation. Life was much simpler and easier in the “good old days”. It is increasingly becoming worrying how some faceless ignorant are abusing the internet and social media just to get attention and following.

In Mathew 23:25-28 Jesus said; “woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees , hypocrites! For ur Make clean outside of the cup and of the platter but within they are full of extortion and excess…

Woe unto you, scones and Pharisees hypocrites! For ye like unto white sepulchers, with indeed appear beautiful outside but within full of dead men’s bones and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity”

Genuinely good people are often a thorn in the flesh of corrupt society, hence they are usually ganged up against. John 3:19-20

Good people have often been painted black, ganged up against or sometimes victimized.

In Daniel 6:3-4, Daniel was ganged up against because he was genuine.

In Genesis 37:2-3 Joseph’s brothers also hated him because he exposed their corrupt deeds to their father. Eventually, they sold him into slavery.

During the time of Jesus Christ the messiah the world loved the criminals and asked Pilate to kill Jesus Christ.

The so called “Evangelist” Addae based in the United States hiding behind YouTube and other social media platforms to tarnish people’s hard worn reputations must not be taken seriously.

I condemn all his allegations that I am an occultist and illuminati and have done ritual sacrifices with my daughter and late friend circulating to tarnish my image, seeking to attack my personality and credibility. They are all untrue, malicious, capricious and fabricated lies.

God will not anoint any man to destroy people. He doesn’t preach the gospel with the word of God.

He shouldn’t be taken seriously.



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I Didn’t Call Davido For Our Collaboration – Kidi Tells Story

Real name, David Nana Dwamena but known in the music industry as Kidi, he was on Youtube’s show Enter chat to talk music and his personal life.

When the host, Fresh Boy Papa Jay asked him about his “odo remix” which features Nigeria’s Mayourkun and Davido, the Lynx Entertainment signee said that he didn’t personally call to invite singer, Davido to sing on the track.

He narrated that, Mayorkun was on a tour in Ghana when he released the original “Odo” single. He continued that, Mayorkun called and praised him because he liked the song himself. He further divulged that Mayourkun loved the song when he heard it constantly on radio, TV club and many other places so he requested for a remix.

Kidi continued saying that, he thought it had ended there until he was told by Mayorkun that he has shown the song to Davido who liked it as soon as he heard it.

“Because it has a resemblance of his hit track “if”, the line “30 billion” caught his ear and showed so much interest in the song.

I was there one day when we had a call from mayorkun to check my mail”, he said. He said that he checked his mail and it was Davido verse of the “Odo” track. It actually came as a real surprise because I never thought of landing a singer like Davido on my track that quick but boom it had happened.” he told show host.

Watch the interview below:


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I Didn’t Drive Killbeatz From My House – Fuse ODG

Ghanaian UK-based artist Nana Richard Abiona also known in the showbiz industry as Fuse ODG has denied driving anyone out of his house.

Speaking in an interview on Hitz FM, Fuse said that he did not drive Joseph Addison, widely known as Killbeatz out of the house as a result of misunderstanding.

Fuse ODG admitted having issues with Killbeatz but emphasized he never drove him out of the house.

As humans, he noted, family members and friends will always have misunderstandings and prefers to leave it at that.

Prior to his issues with Killbeatz, the latter produced beat for him.

Touching on his new song, Fuse ODG said the instrumentals of ‘Island’ were originally made in Ghana.

The track was produced by Dutch/Surinamese duo Yr$ Trly with RGen a Londoner with Sri Lankan heritage who previously contributed to the early Fuse track ‘Antenna’.

Having travelled extensively with Fuse, the team all gathered in Ghana to record all of the track’s live elements with local musicians.



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Most Ghanaian Artistes Visit ‘Juju’ For Hit Songs – eShun Reveals

Sensational soul singer, eShun has revealed in an interview on Okay FM that most Ghanaian musicians seek spiritual backing or better still ‘juju‘ to fuel their popularity in the music industry.

The Quophimens signed act recounted how a traditional priest approached her with an offer to back her career spiritually, so she can finally release a hit song like the others.

Unfortunately, she refused to mention names of colleague musicians who have consulted the traditional priest in question for spiritual support as revealed to her by the priest.

“I can’t mention names. However, he mentioned some of my colleagues. Some of these musicians are making hit songs because they have spiritual backings”, she said.

However, eshun posited that she’s not bothered by the fact that she has not made it big in Ghana music industry despite the concern expressed by her loyal fans.

“It is a process, everyone needs to go through it. It doesn’t bother me at all”, she stated.

Recall that gospel musician Adu Patrick once said that about 70% of Ghanaian gospel artistes rely on “juju” to back up their career. Besides, rapper Tinny, as well as Flowking Stone, have all shared similar sentiment sometime ago.

Therefore, what eShun is saying has an element of truth and validity.



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