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Actress, Ella Mensah robbed at gunpoint in Nigeria

Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah has cried out on Instagram after she was robbed in Festac, Lagos, while on her way home from a movie location.

According to her, the armed robbers who pointed a gun at her made away with her properties which includes an iPhone X, iPhone 7plus and some money.

Ellah Mensah wrote: “I was attacked by arm robbers last night in Festac…. from my location to my house…they broke my car screen, pointed a gun at me n took everything I had on me….Two of my fons (iPhone X n iPhone 7plus) my money (few dollard and Naira)”

“I thought they were gonna shoot me… Never been this scared in my life.”

”Never been afraid of my life until this past Tuesday…… Never seen a real gun,until this past Tuesday, never prayed for my life as hard as I did until this past Tuesday… God!! I thought I was going to die n never see my son again… I’m grateful they spared my life… Thank u Lord n a another Thank You to everyone who reach out to me even though I didn’t even have a fon cus ‘they’ took everything… I’m good n I will be better soon.”

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