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Christiana Love's ex-husband calls her a demon


Christiana Love's ex-husband calls her a demon

– Pastor Love says Obaapa Christy is a demon
– According to Pastor Love, he doubts the spirit Obaapa Christy sings with Pastor Love has described his former wife, Obaapa Christy, formerly Christiana Love as demon.
The rift between Pastor Love and the gospel musician can be dated as far back as 7 years ago at the latter part of their marriage when things went bad. The duo didn’t care about the future as they washed their dirty linen in the media by narrating their part of the story
Pastor Love has ignited another fight, according to the man of God, Obaapa Christy is a demon. He says the only way Christy could have cheated on him whilst they were still married was because she is a demon and doubts strongly what is behind her ministry. “Because of what Obaapa Christy has been doing and what she did, I doubt the spirit, she sings with, I doubt it 100%.
“If you are jealous of someone because of her husband and go to the extent of snatching him, then you must be possessed by an evil spirit, marine spirt or other things,” Pastor Love told Kofi TV. “If a married woman is able to sleep with another man, then Pastor Love, I can confidently say, that person is a demon,” He added.
The two naked young people were arrested around midnight by the police, they were sweating profusely but the young man insisted that the police should leave him to go and teach the young lady a ‘lesson’.

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