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‘Confide in someone if you feel depressed’ – Gifty Anti advises

TV presenter, Oheneyere Gifty Anti has advised people going through hard times to turn to a counsellor or confidant.

According to her, regardless of the problem, one may have, confiding in someone will solve the problem partly.

She told Ohemaa Woyeje on Adom FM‘s “Work and Happiness” show on Wednesday that it will be better to voice out your problems to psychologists or a counsellor than keep it in you to feel depressed.

“Don’t keep it in you, it can kill you. Even if you tell someone about your problems and they aren’t able to help you, it can make you feel better. Marriage is nice but can kill you. Don’t wait to die if things aren’t going right…” she said.

She further added that for those who can’t confide in others, they should look for other remedies such as writing memoirs, recording an audio to express their feelings among others.

“Some people do an audio talk and after, they delete it. I keep memoirs but I have people I talk to. There are psychologists too. There is something about voicing out and confiding in people, it really helps,” she said.