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Don’t vote for a candidate because a celebrity endorsed him – Wizkid

Singer Wizkid is cautioning  electorates not to vote for a candidate just because a celebrity has endorsed them.
Ahead of the February 16 polls, many celebrities have been paid to endorse politicians and parties in order to influence voters.
However, the Starboy has urged his followers to use their conscience to vote for the right candidate and not who their favourite celebrities want them to vote for.
“Don’t let anybody wen don collect money influence ur vote to tell u who’s right or not! Use your head!” he advised.
“Vote wisely! I’m for whoever the people vote. Vote who you like…vote wisely. If u ’re old enough to get a PVC, u’re old enough to think! Don’t sell ur vote…uir vote can make a difference! Go out and vote,” he shared on social media.

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