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More Exclusive Unseen Pictures :Rev Owusu Bempah Ties The Knot Again For The Third Time

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A new story published online says that Prophet Owusu Bempah has married again at a secret ceremony in Accra.

The man of God who’s wife divorced him years ago has re-married (Body nor be wood)again but made it very secretive as there were no cameras allowed to take pictures from there but we’ve seen some photos that was taken secretly after the wedding., says that he was sent the pictures by a close family source and the person added that the secret wedding took place at Oyarifah, Tipper Junction on Saturday morning.

“According to a family source,who sent us photos from a wedding ceremony that took place in Accra on Saturday morning, the General Overseer of Glorious Word Power Ministry International has married a lady by name Abena Animah.

Apparently, no cameras were allowed at the ceremony which took place at Oyarifah, Tipper Junction.

The source also hinted that Nicholas Omane Acheampong and Great Ampong sang at the traditional  wedding.” Portion of the report on the site stated.

Owusu Bempah is said to have been divorced by his then-wife, Maame Justine after she took him to court.

The reason for the divorce as according to Owusu Bempah is that, someone bought a car for her, and when he questioned her, she got angry about it and that was what ended his marriage. He also said in his interview on Hitz Fm at the time that, his ex-wife later got married to the man who bought her a car.

Have anything more to add to the story, share in comments now.

Probably decided to take off his suit after the wedding, because we were wondering tooo (So incase someone still manages to take a picture outside, there won’t be any real evidence)

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‘Deformed’ Moesha holds her hip in latest photo to stop it from falling off (Photos)

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We sighted a photo of controversial ‘slay queen’ Moesha Boduong holding onto her right hip in an awkward manner.

In the photo, Moesha wears a long blue dress which has been cut opened to expose my thigh.

Moesha herself shared this photo to her Instagram page and wrote:

“Don’t allow anyone to put in position of self pity and depression in life. Those who have no joy will always find means to remove someone’s happiness from peoples lives. About last light..Ghana football awards 2018.”

We observed something weird about the photo, and that is about how Moesha has posed in a way that her left hip has vanished and her right hip looks bulkier than the normal hips she carries around.

Interestingly her fans and followers have also noticed the change in Moesha’s body, and some of them have concluded that she is now deformed.

For instance, Babby and Theophilus were of the same opinion that Moesha is seriously deformed.

babby166: “Deformity at it peak God ve mercy.”

theophilus5386: “Deformation .”

Obra feared the whole thing and could only manage to say:

obra_y3: “Hmmmm is serious ooo.” Ivy who seems to have a similar experience explained Moesha’s whole move.

ivymeni: “@thosecalledcelebs the thing is some people can actually move theirs so if she wants to take a picture with this angle she just has to push it to the side a bit.

Thus the reason for this she just shifted it for the picture she will shift it to it rightful place after the picture.” Patmos also shared his opinion. patmosbonsi: “Its falling so she is supporting it.”

Sarbah could only say: sarbahfreda: “Fake hip and butt.” Prince also believe Moesha’s hip is indeed no real thing. princesamekofi: “Your eyes @thosecalledcelebs please this one di3 is not hips waii.”

Moesha Boduong has been in the news lately following a donation she made to a school at Kasoa in the Central Region.

She was mocked for the donation because people claimed she didn’t work for the money she used.

Moesha is on record for stating that she sleeps with other people’s husbands to make ends meet because Ghana’s economy is too hard for her.

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Video:Dear Single Men, Vickie Hamah Says She Is Single And Available

A former Deputy Minister of Communication and now director of the Progressive Organization for Women Advancement (POWA), Victoria Hamah, has stated that she is single and available for dating.

In an interview with Mikki Osei Berko, host of the ‘After Hours’ Show on TV3, Vickie Hamah said she is not married, and her doors are open for a potential relationship.

“I’m not married, I’m single not searching, I’m just available,” she stated.

Victoria Hamah is currently planning towards the second edition of the POWA forum, which is scheduled for the British Council on Monday, July 23.

Check out the full interview below:




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How Dr Duffuor paid Anas to ‘frame’ then UniBank MD for Duffuor Junior to take over

We  received information about how former Finance Minister under the NDC Atta Mills Government and owner of Unibank, Dr Kwabena Duffuor SNR had to allegedly rely on the spook services of Anas Armeyaw Anas’ Tiger Eye, when all attempts to get his son, Kwabena Duffuor JNR to take over the management of Unibank from the then Managing Director Felix Nyarko-Pong failed.

Dr Duffuor Snr allegedly contracted and paid the Tiger Eye PI team to frame Mr Felix Nyarko-Pong by flying him to Dubai at their cost to discuss some banking business and investment deals with him as MD of Unibank, getting him to implicate himself, which information was used to force him to voluntarily step down as Unibank MD.

Anas Armeyaw Anas’ relationship with the former Minister of Finance Dr Kwabena Duffuor, in Mills Era when the government, with Dr Duffuor Snr then as Finance Minister sponsored Anas for some work at the Ports.

This information came to light following an engagement embattled Hot FM host Justice Annan had with some Felix Nyarko-Pong which he narrated in an audio.

The Hot FM journalist has himself been caught by Anas receiving bribe from the Tiger Eye PI team. It is worth noting that these are allegations against the Anas team.

On Unibank, Mr Felix Nyarko-Pong had been in charge of Unibank as Managing Director from 2011 until May 2017 when he was framed and forced to leave amicably.

Around the same time, learnt from Hot FM’s Justice Annan’s recording that Duffuor Jnr had risen to become the Chief Operating Officer of Unibank and his father wanted him to take over.

According to the Justice, who claims he has paper documents as proof, the secret recordings given to Dr Kwabena Duffuor Snr by Anas Armeyaw Anas based on Tiger Eye PI’s work became the basis on which Felix Nyarko-Pong was forced to leave his post.

Duffuor Jnr was then appointed the acting Chief Executive of UniBank pending Bank of Ghana’s approval which came later.

The same Bank of Ghana was to later take over Unibank in March 2018, sending home all the top executives of the bank including the younger Duffuor.

The official reason Unibank gave for Duffuor Jnr’s takeover as M.D. then was that “Felix Nyarko Pong decided not to extend his contract which ended last week.” An official release claimed. has no reason to doubt this version.

But Kweku Baako had earlier  given a hint about the nature of the work of Tiger Eye PI, hinting that their services were available for hire.

He had said in response to Kennedy Agyapong’s numerous allegations said that Anas’ “Tiger Eye PI is a body corporate registered to do business and there is nothing wrong with that”.

What wasn’t clear, then, was whether Anas was available for hire.

This comes on the back of questions surrounding the work of Anas Armeyaw Anas in his ‘investigative exposé’ of Kwesi Nyantakyi in Number 12.

Kennedy Agyapong; rich loudmouthed NPP MP for Assin Central has become the leading voice on behalf of many silent Anas victims accusing the ACE investigative journalist Anas Armeyaw Anas of ‘corruption, entrapment and blackmail.’

In fact, Kennedy Agyapong has asked writers and media commentators to stop adding ‘ace’ to the name of Anas Armeyaw Anas but rather ‘thief’, sighting instances when people have told him (kennedy) sadly, about one bad thing Anas has done to them or the other but which they were powerless to protest against at the time.

Also- and notably- Executive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa, Sulemana Braimah has questioned the work of Anas and his style.

He wrote an op-ed:

“So would such a similar piece of documentary were to be produced and aired by a BNI or police officer, will it qualify to be called a piece of journalistic investigative work? You may say no, and your reason could be that “because the BNI or police officer who produced it is not a journalist.” He wrote.

“Well, what makes a piece of work journalistic is not necessarily whether or not the producer is a journalist. Instead, it is whether or not the work was produced using journalistically acceptable methods and procedures.

In the interest of the journalism profession, we don’t have to be blinded by just results or impact without interrogating the processes used in producing a story. Once the Number 12 documentary was intended to be presented and was actually presented as a piece of journalistic work, the processes for procuring the content must have been those that are acceptable in journalism.” He said.



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