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Fathers Behind The Children Of Popular Ghanaian Single Mums(With Pictures)

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In Ghana, it is somewhat a norm to see mothers flaunting their child or children as if they were the only ones who gave birth to them. News and information about the men who impregnated them however becomes scanty or unknown.

Some Ghanaian female celebrities who are single mothers have over the years revealed the identity of their children on social media.

But one aspect of their family life that seem not to have surfaced or revealed by them is the father of those children.

Here, we bringyou ‘hidden’ fathers behind children of popular Ghanaian single mums.

1. Tracey Boakye

Tracey Boakye is a Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur who feature mostly in Kumawood movies. Over the years, Tracey has flaunted her son on social media, revealing the enormous love she has for her son. But one information that seem to be hidden to a lot of Ghanaians is the father of Tracey Boakye’s son.

Researches done by our source reveals that former Asante Kotoko striker, Yahya Mohammed is the father of Tracey Boakye’s son. Information has it that Tracey Boakye and Yahya Mohammed had the son when they were in a serious relationship. Unfortunately, the relationship could not last but the boy lives with his mum at the moment.

Fathers behind the children of popular Ghanaian single mums

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