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Fella Makafui Shows Off Her Sleek Customized Car In this VIDEO But Fans Think There’s Something FISHY

Fella Makafui is living LARGE. We understand she’s a business woman and an entrepreneur but her lavish lifestyle has often been subjected to scrutiny.

Many people are of the opinion that there’s a sponsor lurking in her shadows who sprays the cash just once she opens her legs.

She just reinforced that notion after it emerged that she has gotten for herself a brand new sports car customized in her name; ‘Fella 1′.

Apparently, she was filmed (it appeared she had no idea she was being captured on tape) by the gossip online portal, Nkonkonsa and shared on their Instagram page.

In the video, one could see Fella with her friend sitting in the sleek yellow car preparing to move and as soon as she saw the paparazzi, she screamed and sped off.

Social media users were not impressed her antics and as usual, she wasn’t spared with harsh words.

nanaakuanyarko1Woow where does she get all the money from?? Well she is a strong woman

@nanaakuanyarko1unfortunately that’s the question when you said asking they ll say Ghanaians don’t support their own my sister! Which kind business do they do? They should open up to us small sha!

We are of the same age @fellamakafui pls come and show me the way to riches….no jokes …..I’m danm serious.

maanaki1Ayigbe gals don’t play

blanco_ghWhen ass is talking u say hard work…

itzfrancheskaEh hmm someone sponsoring her

kobla_mcHer connection bi tight roff 😂😂😂 don’t let them lie to you

mildred_asanteThose saying hardworking girl. What does she do exactly in Ghana a part from what she’s been opening every minute.

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Watch the video below: