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Ghana music industry is dangerous and full of evil thinking men – Guru


Ghana music industry is dangerous and full of evil thinking men – Guru

They say, the evil that men do lives after them yet people fail to do the right things irrespective of the damning consequences as in the case of the attitude of industry players in Ghana as revealed by Guru NKZ.

To the beat knowledge of Hiplife musician Guru, yeah Ghana music industry can be best described as ‘dangerous and cold because it’s characterized by people who seek the downfall of others. Simply put, evil thinking man have taken over!

As a result, he fears mingling with industry people as friends because of the cold happenings behind the scenes. Guru made this known in an interview with DJ Reuben of Luv FM in Kumasi on Wednesday, August 8, 2019.

“The things happening behind the scenes in the industry is alarming and unfortunate. For you to vibe with them, you’ve got to pretend else you can’t achieve anything. Personally, I’ve been sabotaged a lot in reference to ambassadorial deals, awards, amount paid after performance and a whole lot.

“Your colleague can talk to an event organizer and take a huge money and the person will come to you trying to give out something small to help him on the event day. Sadly, after taking the meagre amount because of brotherly love, he’ll go out saying like Guru is a cheap artiste..”, Guru said.

So, this and many others put together is the main reason why he can’t vibe or if you like befriend the song called industry players. Perhaps as the saying goes, prevention is better then cure.

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