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‘I can’t live with a man who doesn’t beat, slap me once in a while’ – Van Vicker's alleged girlfriend

Popular Tanzania actress, Wema Sepetu, has on a point-blank revealed that she prefers to have a partner who would beat her up once in a while.
According to beautiful Sepetu, she can’t spend years with a man who would not beat her.
The renowned actress was reported to have made this revelation in an interview with a Tanzanian newspaper, Ijumaa Wikienda, at her manager Neema Ndepanya’s birthday celebrations in Salasala.
She is quoted as saying: “Napenda mwanaume anipe kipigo kidogo siyo mwanaume mnaishi miaka yote, halafu hata kukupiga kofi kidogo hakupigi,” meaning “I like a man who beats me up occasionally, not one I’d to spend several years without hitting me, even just a slap.”
Well, her revelation may come as a surprise to many people, especially the feminists, in this time and age where domestic violence is being preached against.
The actress added that she at least must not be denied a slap by her man.
Meanwhile, a lot of actresses have all been reported to have been a victim of domestic violence.

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