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I Once Beat A White Dude Mercilessly For Calling Me “Blacky” – Stephanie Benson


I Once Beat A White Dude Mercilessly For Calling Me “Blacky” – Stephanie Benson

Africans or Blacks in general who find themselves in western countries as a result of studies or maybe work tend to suffer from racial comments from citizens of these western countries.
Well, UK-based Ghanaian singer Stephanie Benson had her share of racial comments during her stay in UK.
Speaking to Arnold on VibesIn5, the singer shared how she got angered by a racial comment made by a White dude when she was going to the shop to get a cake for the birthday of one of her children.
According to singer, she could not controlled her anger any longer so unleashed her anger on the white dude, smashing him through the glassed window of the shop.
“I went to a shop, and my daughters were sleeping in a car so I decided to park in the disabled parking space so as I could easily monitor them when in the shop.”
“So I parked there in a hurry to go pick up the cake, then this white guy who was about 50 years prompted me that I should not parked there.” she shared with Arnold
“I told him I’m sorry, my kids are asleep in the car so I wouldn’t be able see them when I go into the shop” Stephanie Benson told the white guy
“Then the white guy called me “Blacky”. He went to say that your kind should not be disrespectful. I then asked him what kind” – she said.
“So out of anger, I grabbed him and smashed him into shop’s window, and waited in the shop for the police to come. Fortunately, I was not arrested because people around heard what the white guy said to me.” Stephanie shared with Arnold

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