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I Started Selling “Poloo” At Age 9 – Rosemond Brown Shares Her Struggles When Growing Up Without Mum And Dad


I Started Selling “Poloo” At Age 9 – Rosemond Brown Shares Her Struggles When Growing Up Without Mum And Dad

Ghanaian actress and model, Rosemond Alade Brown better known as Akuapem Poloo has revealed that her struggle to become successful in life started for her at a tender age.
According to her, she started hawking as a young girl at the age of 9 by selling the popular hard and crispy snack known as “Poloo” in Aburi in the Eastern Region to make earns meet for her family and herself.
Sharing her life story with, Rosemond disclosed that the moniker, ‘Poloo’, was borne out of her daily routine of selling the popular Ghanaian delicacy on the streets of Mamfe in Aburi.
She said a lady in her neighborhood at the time supplied her with the product for sale alongside purified sachet water and bread after which she got a commission for her personal upkeep.
“I have sold Poloo before at Mamfe in Aburi at 9 years. I was selling it for a woman in Mamfe. I like poloo because it’s hard to eat but very nice when you taste it and I’m also nice and difficult.’’
Rosemond indicated that, but for the popular celebrity Instagram page “thosecalledcelebrities” no one would have known her by that name Poloo, stating that the faces behind the account gave her the nickname and she also accepted it in good faith.
During her chat with Zionfelix, the controversial wannabe actress recounted most parts of her struggles while growing up. She also noted that the privilege of having biological parenting and upbringing was snatched from her as a young girl forcing her to live with her grandfather.
She further revealed that her dancing ability as witnessed by many started from childhood when she used to visit every funeral gatherings to exhibit her dancing skills.
Rosemond Brown is known for mostly posting controversial videos on social media in which she makes outrageous allegations against other personalities in the entertainment industry.
Watch Rosemond Brown as she shares her story in the video below

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