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I was foolish to have performed for free at church events when I started gospel music – Erico

Winner of Tv3’s Mentor 3 music reality show, Erico has said he has learnt from his past experience after several years of being in the music industry.
The gospel artiste who’s disappointed said he had the good heart to perform at church events without charging the organizers a specific amount but unfortunately on his part, the church leaders always took advantage of his leniency and ignored to even remunerate him after his performances.
The ‘Ebube’ hit singer in an interview with Nii Noi, host of Christian Entertainment Review Show on GN TV, disclosed that he has learnt his lessons with regards to how church leaders took him for granted and has made amends henceforth.
“When we started the gospel music, we made a mistake that is why for me I have openly declared that in my next life, I’ll try other genres too. We all have at the back of our minds that we’re worshiping God so we’re going to the church with good hearts so when the Pastor calls to book you as an artiste, you can’t charge a specific amount. The pastor will give you the assurance that you’ll be taken care or sorted after the show. As a gospel artiste, you’ll respect the Pastor’s decision and perform at the church.
“As Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:11 that If we have sown spiritual things among you, is it too much if we reap material things from you? thinking that what God has declared in Genesis 3:19 that by the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return is exactly what we earn from our ministration as gospel artistes. But after our performances, we are called to be prayed for, blessed and bid good bye with another assurance that you’ll be invited for another programme without a dime.” Erico told Nii Noi on Christian Entertainment Review show.
Erico indicated that presently he openly discusses terms of payment and amount with church leaders before he renders his services to the church.
He noted that most of his colleague gospel artistes suffer same fate in the hands of several men of God because their talents are not valued by them.
According to Erico, church event organizers think because their talents are gift from God, so they should minister for free.
He admitted he was fooled because he had no good structures when he started his music career but now he wouldn’t allow these Church leaders to use him for free.
“I’ve been through this situation several times and sometimes I become so stranded and wanting to curse God for giving me this career. I once walked from Nungua to North Kaneshie because I was so foolish and shy to demand for what is due me. Most pastors think our music career is just to help promote God’s work but they’ve forgotten how that brand got to the level.
“I agree with Francis Amoo for saying that God Bless you won’t buy you fuel for your car but the problem nowadays is hypocrisy on the part of Christians. Why would the pastor be paid from this same offering from the members yet they ignore to pay me when I also perform similar duties as he.?
“It’s because of attitudes of these church leaders we talk about payment before coming to the church to perform. For me, I ask how much the Pastor can afford to pay me and my crew but if he pushes for me to charge, I will openly tell him the amount.
“When I started gospel music, I was fooled because I didn’t have good structures but for now I have learned my lessons so I wouldn’t fall prey to these Church leaders scam of ignoring to pay me for performances.
“When I was taken ill, I realized I had nothing to hold on to so now I don’t perform for free.” Erico indicated
Erico joined the gospel trio (Ampong, Isaac and Cee) after being crowned the ultimate winner of TV3’s Mentor 3.
He launched his fifth (5th) album titled ‘M’ayanwu’ which literary means ‘Close shave’ last year, April 30, 2017
Erico prior to participating in TV3’s Music Talent hunt was already a singer, who moved from church to church to minister to people, and that his participation in Mentor was just an opportunity that uncovered him.

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