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If confirmed that Becca’s husband is already married I will kill him – Zapp Mallet

Legendary Ghanaian music producer Zapp Mallet has threatened to commit murder if it is proven that Becca’s new husband is already married with kids in Nigeria as some people have alleged.
According to Zapp, a Nigerian man cannot come and fool a Ghanaian lady in that manner therefore for his own good he better hope the news is not true.
Silky voiced Becca’s fresh new marriage to Nigerian Tobi Daniel has been struck with controversy barely a week in, as some voices from Nigeria allege that the man is already married.
Becca, publicly at least, puts on a brave face and isn’t bothered by the news but Zapp Mallet is not taking things so lightly.
“If this is really true, then I will kill this guy…oh yes! this is serious oo…this Nigerians can’t come and fool our girls like that…He shouldn’t think of stepping foot in Ghana [if true]”, Mallet thundered in a recent interview.
Mallet, who has worked on a few songs with Becca, said he can only be cooled down if Becca knew about it and agreed anyway.
”…Who knows maybe Becca knew about it…if she knows about it’s fine.”

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