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I’ve never been to the night club before – Martha Ankomah

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A list actress Martha Ankomah has opened up on her personal life with emulating by saying she has never been to the nightclub by herself before.

She added that the only time she is seen in a nightclub is when she is on set shooting a movie, and not with friends on a fun day out.

“I’ve never been to the nightclub before. The only time I go to the nightclub is when I am acting. My friends know. When they are going out at night I don’t go.” She added that it has helped her in so many ways. “it has helped me a save money”.

Martha was the guest at Hitz Fm’s Damascus Experience hosted by Frankys on Sunday when she made this revelation and a couple of personal experiences she has had as a Christian.

Martha Ankomah is known for some wild scenes she has played in movies, most often portraying as a bad girl, but she has assured its not who she is in real life. In a rather surprise question from the host as to whether she puts on earrings, she disclosed that she doesn’t and only put on clips when she is on set for a movie. She added that it was due to her early days as an Adventist. “I only put on clips when I am acting”.

As monitored by, Martha explained how she got into Christianity, saying it was a family custom to attend Sunday school before you are giving food to eat at home and also watch television, and that is what shaped her Christian lifestyle.

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