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Juliet Ibrahim vows to abstain from sex till ‘further notice’

Actress, Juliet Ibrahim has stated emphatically that no more will anyone get into her pants that easily as she has decided to put a ‘password’ till further notice.

She added that she doesn’t lend her body so no one should bother asking for it.

It is unknown if this message is directed at Iceberg Slim after news of their alleged breakup surfaced online but the screen goddess seems to be pretty much serious about her decision.

After the separation, the actress announced that she wants to keep her love life on a low key and use her social media platform to focus on her job.

Probably she is remaining a secondary virgin in anticipation for the right man.

She took to her Instagram page to share a picture of herself and with caption: “Abstaining from s3x, gotta zen my body. I ain’t giving you, so don’t ask, I don’t lend my body. Gotta be king status to give a man my body. Hell yeah, Cus a Queen is what I embody.”

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