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Koo Fori Puts All His Luxurious Cars And House On Display – Watch Video

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Leaving in a very plush looking house, Koo Fori has also parked in this house five very luxurious cars. With the least of these cars (a Honda) being priced at GH 10,000 cedis because he bought it from a friend who wanted to let it go cheaply due to the fact that he wanted money for something urgent, about $22,ooo is the price of the most expensive car, a Dodge Durango.

He also told Zionfelix that his neatly parked Chevrolet car was priced at $2,500 at the time he bought it. He added that the Ford and Dodge Charger cars were also both priced at $12,000 at the time he acquired them.

Asked if he bought all these cars because he has too much wealth, the broadcaster stated that it was not the case. Koo Fori explained that because engine capacity 3.0 cars in the United States of America are not that expensive, he was able to buy many of these cars when he lived and worked there.

Watch the video of actor Koo Fori put all his luxurious cars and house on display below:



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