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Kufour will not be happy seeing Nana Addo destroy Ghanaian owned businesses – Oscar Yao Doe


Kufour will not be happy seeing Nana Addo destroy Ghanaian owned businesses – Oscar Yao Doe

Ghanaian Millionaire, HRH Oscar Yao Doe is not happy with the arrest of Former UT Bank Boss, Mr. Prince Kofi Amoabeng.

According to him in a Facebook post, he noted that Former President J.A Kufour who ‘watered’ the growth of Ghanaian-owned businesses wouldn’t be happy with the way and manner in which his own party member President Nana Addo is looking-on unconcerned as local business empires fall miserably.

Below is his full post:

I His Royal Highness the most colourful and decorated Oscar Yao Doe , stand shoulder to shoulder with Kofi Amoaben & his family, the iconic businessman who created UT holdings from scratch.

It’s obvious president J.A Kuffuor will not be pleased to see his own party man President Akufo Addo destroying the golden age of business,the property owning democracy, development in freedom ideology and legacy of J.A Kuffuor & the NPP. Mr Amoaben the injustice you have been subjected to will not stand the test of time, i urge you to remain bold & strong.

History has taught us that this kind of moment is nothing one should be afraid of,,, it’s a big opportunity rather for you Mr Amoaben to go public daily to make your case louder and clear.

The police institution and the court system have been around way back over centuries before president Akufo Addo was born, so therefore it’s only posterity to defined this dark moment in our history.

Remember arresting someone is not judgement of guilt,,, this arrest should motivate you to take the battle to the next level,,, it’s obvious through envy and jealousy you were robbed of the reward of your hard work over decades,,, no good government will collapse a company because that company owed and had presented a payment plan including immediate 400 million ghs payment to defray the 800 million outstanding they have with the bank of Ghana,,, the bank of Ghana rather told Ghanaians they used 2.2 billion Ghs to collapse your bank ,,, be strong,, time will tell,,, i urge the youth not to be afraid of this kind outdated mindset and games meant to intimidate Ghanaians.
Kofi god is with you,,, most Ghanaians are standing with you in silence. Thank god our court system is robust and fairly credible.
Long live Ghana.

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