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Kumawood actor Abass ‘Blinkz’ Was Killed After He Tried To Safe His Boss Wife-Police Reveals

It is no more a rumour that Kumawood actor and makeup artist, Abass ‘Blinkz’ Nurudeen has been stabbed to death in Kumasi. Reports had been rife on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 7, that Abass had died after been stabbed in a brawl.

While the reports had been prominent on social media, it had remained a rumour and details had been sketchy.

But the police in Kumasi have confirmed the death of the well-built actor who is popular for his roles as a ‘thug’ in many Kumawood movies.

According to the Manhyia Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Kwaku Buah, the stabbing incident happened at about 10:30 am. The deceased, ACP Buah narrated, who also works as at Acheamfour Terminal, a bus terminal in Kumasi, visited his boss’ house at Akorem, a suburb of Kumasi. Upon reaching the house, Abass Blinkz met his boss’ wife and her brother exchanging words Worried by the quarrel, he tried to intervene.

But the brother of his boss’ wife got angry over his intervention and engaged him in a brawl.

The boss’ brother-in-law and another guy present came together to attack Blinkz with knives stabbing him in the in the process. One reportedly stabbed him in the ribs and the other sliced him in the back before Blinkz fell and collapsed.

He was immediately rushed to the Manhyia Hospital where he was pronounced dead minutes later Speaking to the press over the matter, ACP Buah urged the public to assist in apprehending the suspects who are said to have bolted.

Meanwhile, we earlier shared the video of a man who has killed his wife and elder brother after he woke in the middle of the night and heard them making love. According to reports Oleg Kirkunov, 54, lived in Ufa, Russia, with his wife Olga Sukhanova, 44.

His brother Evgeny, 65, joined them for a meal and drinks at their home and he was invited to stay the night and sleep in the couple’s spare room.

But Oleg woke in the night after hearing “noises” coming from the spare room. Realising his wife was not in bed beside him, he went to investigate and found his brother having sex with his wife, so he shot them dead.