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LIFESTYLE: God does not give you the marriage you pray for

LIFESTYLE: God does not give you the marriage you pray for
Marriage is instituted by God and Christians who are the worshipers of God are supposed to have the best of Marriage, but unfortunately it is the other way round. We have men and women of God (pastors) who are experiencing the worst of marriages. If the head is in the wrong direction, it definitely gives you an idea of the direction of the body, the congregations will be worse of.
We are organizing prayer meetings every day, half nights, all nights, sowing seeds in the name of marriage and good spouses but little do many people in the church know that God does not give what you pray for.
If God answers every prayer, armed robbers won’t be caught. If God answers all prayers and fasting, Christian marriages will be the best and the church will be a hotspot for hook ups.
It is high time pastors, leaders of churches, come to know this truth. God gives you what you can effectively manage. God won’t give you what you can’t manage. God is not a master of waste.
The bible says “no grass or plants were growing anywhere. God had not yet sent any rain, and there was no one to work the land” – Genesis 2:5 (CEV). Plants need rain to grow, so why didn’t God send any rain? Because there was no man to work on the plants. God created man to be managers. Be fruitful and multiply does not mean we should be giving birth anyhow, go around impregnating any woman.
It means, be productive. It means add value to anything that comes to your hands or life. Until you have demonstrated to God that you are capable of taking care of what you are asking for, capable of adding value to what you are asking for, God won’t give you that.
So pastors and leaders of the churches, help your congregation with the right knowledge to succeed. For the Bible says lack of knowledge my people are dying. Partner with people who are gifted in the ministry of marriage, organize seminars for the church, the youth, men and women’s department.
It is not always that you rely on your knowledge on the subject of marriage or that of counselors and elders in your church. Look for others who are blessed in such subjects. Invite them and if you have to pay to get them, do so and sow into the lives of your congregation. These are the souls who make up the church.
They need other voices, faces, ministers and professionals so they can ask the right questions and get the right answers. Your congregation needs this. I write this message because this is what I have seen going on in the churches and Christian community for some time now. And as a professional counselor and minister gifted in the ministry of marriage, it will be selfish on my part not to let you know.
Embrace this and start work. The family forms the basic unit of society. Families are born out of marriages. Marriage is as a result of two individuals who are equipped with the right knowledge. If you don’t give them the right knowledge, you help destroy the family unit, the community, the nation and the church at large.
In conclusion “Intelligent people want to learn, but stupid people are satisfied with ignorance” – Proverbs 15:14 (GNT).
Please SHARE as much as possible. So many churches, so many Christians but too many bad marriages going on. That’s double standards.


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