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Maame Esi Forson shares her mortuary experience after being declared dead (Pictures & Video)

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News broke a 2 years ago about the death of fast-rising Ghanaian actress and youtube sensation Maame Esi Forson who was reported dead after she was knocked down by a car somewhere in Takoradi.

According to Maame Esi, she spent ten days at the mortuary without water and food.

Revealing more about her experience at the mortuary, she disclosed that the doctor who pronounced her dead refused to let her go home when she woke up hours after the accident because he thought she was dead.

She added that it took her days to be able to leave the mortuary because she was always injected with formalin which made her very weak. But she was fortunate when one day she woke up and saw no one was around and the keys had also been left in the lock where she escaped and a good samaritan took her home.

On reaching home, her family members took to their heels sensing they have seen a ghost but later came to see if truly he was alive.

Based on her story, she shot the movie “Boafo Ne Hwan” for Ghanaians to know what exactly happened to her in 2016.

“Boafo Ne Hwan” movie features stars like Maame Esi Forson, Bill Asamoah, Akrobeto, Christiana Awuni, and many others.

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