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‘Mama Gee’s Drugs & Charms Don’t Work’- Former Prostitute, Queen Farcadi


‘Mama Gee’s Drugs & Charms Don’t Work’- Former Prostitute, Queen Farcadi

Former social media prostitute cum entrepreneur, Queen Farcadi has stated without mincing words that Mama Gee’s infamous love charms, sex sweetener and the other drugs she sold until she was busted were not potent.

The beautiful young lady, whose name resonates in our subconscious minds with gross explicit imagery wrapped in sex which she sells live on social media and in real time in expensive hotels, told Abeiku Santana on Okay FM that Mama Gee’s drugs were more psychological than medicinal and that was why she was able to amass a lot of followers (seems like how pastors succeed in getting church members to patronize their various merchandise ranging from anointing oil to holy water).

Farcadi was interviewed via her phone by Abeiku Santana on his late evening drive show on Okay FM to share her view on Mama Gee’s arrest. In response, she said there was no truth in the charms but rather they were psychological things meant to deceive people.

On the flipside, Queen Farcadi hinted that she has quit prostitution for good after venturing into the production of ‘alata samina’, a locally manufactured soap.

When asked about her life after prostitution and what she has gain from selling her body on social media and in real life, Queen farcadi stated that she wouldn’t have engaged in alata samina business if prostitution was beneficial.

“Abei, if prostitution was beneficial, he wouldn’t have been selling alata samina now. i am now selling alata samina and creams” she said.



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