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Medikal Officially Announces Fella Makafui As New Girlfriend After Sister Derby Diss

Now Medikal has gathered some courage and has officially announced Fella Makafui as his new girlfriend in a Tweet after Sister Derby fired shots at him, for acting like a cockroach who’s in love and scared to let people know.

Medikal seems to be soo mad about Fella Makafui’s ‘Tundra’ and in the tweet, he made to subtly make a mockery of Sister Derby’s flat ass, he tweeted;” My new girl ein ass get obesity, she be Fella Makafui with the back side”

Yes, now he’s not saying she’s his bestie and this tweet confirms past rumours that, he had been benging and genging her long ago even when he had not broken up with Sister Derby, but when bloggers wrote about it, he said she was just a little sister–Now you would agree that he lied.

Well, people now it’s official. Fella has successfully used her big ass to snatch him from Derby.