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Meet 3-year-old brainy Nii Omanya who knows more than he should (Video)

Born to Mr and Mrs Otoo, Nii Omanya started displaying his ‘super smart’ skills when he was 5-6 months old.
According to his mother, Nii Omanya would crawl to sit in front of some educative placards displayed in the house for his elder siblings.
“When he is crying and you give him a book, Nii Omanya will stop crying. He can sit behind a book for hours just to be flipping through the pages and looking at colours,” she told KSM on the KSM Show.
She said her son has a lot of interest when it comes to reading and flipping through pages of books She noted that at his age, he was not communicating that well but whenever he opened his mouth, Nii Omanya was either spelling, reading or asking questions.
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