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Moesha Boudong replies Salma Mumin


Moesha Boudong replies Salma Mumin

Let’s call this one the clash of the jobless ‘Slay Queens’. It all started when Salma Mumin said in a new interview that nothing in this world not even God would ever make her talk to Moesha Buodong again.

Moesha Buodong has come out to reply her accordingly.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote:

“Salma, you used to be my best friend,we even lived in the same house together, we growing apart doesn’t mean u are my enemy.

But I honestly also don’t want you as my friend!! because u were never a good friend to me,you always talked and insulted me behind my back and faked with me…so pls keep my name out of ur mouth and stop using my name as a bait in any silly fake comment u see on ig!!

I don’t have ur time to create fake pages so pls stop being a hypocrite!! U posted on ig shaming girls who did thier bodies but went to turkey to do yours and u are bitter because u didn’t get the result u wanted!! So stop pretending!!

This an evidence of you shading other women in the past !! I wish you well .stop going round making it look like i wronged you ,when you actually started the shades ..”

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