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Is Oheneyere Gifty Anti Telling Us She’s FED Up With Motherhood Already? Here’s What She Said

Television personality, Oheneyere Gifty Anti, known by the stool name, Awo Dansoa, has shared struggling moment as a mother.
The host of the “StandPoint”, Gifty Anti shared on her Instagram page, how difficult it is to balance office work and taking care of her child.
Her post on social media about the challenges she goes through combining both child upbringing and office work, clearly depicts how motherhood has treated women without taking into consideration their status or wealth.
Her point is, as a mother, being a CEO, Chairperson of a Board or at a higher position, mothers should have time for their kids and family.
“The hustle is real people. Motherhood does not know whether you are a CEO or the messenger or cleaner. When duty calls you go running. When HRH says she will not leave your office, you sit on the carpet with her and put her to sleep,” Gifty Anti posted on Instagram.
The Chief Executive Officer of The StandPoint, who has no option about the struggle her baby girl, Nyame Animunyam Afia Asaa Afrakoma Sintim Misa is making her go through, has to carry and pamper her to sleep whilst she works in the office.
She posted a photo with her baby comfortably sleeping in her office whilst she attended to her usual business.
Gifty Anti got married on October 15,2015 at age 45 to Oyiakehyire Nana Ansah Kwao IV, Chief of Adumasa in the Eastern Region.


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