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My Boyfriend wants me to use my body to secure a job – lady reveals


My Boyfriend wants me to use my body to secure a job – lady reveals

A young lady has recently revealed how her own boyfriend wants her to use her body to secure a lubricative job.

The yet-to-be-identified lady disclosed that she informed her guy of how a company boss wants to have her before offering her job but his response was something to worry about.

According to the now worried lady, her boo is now pushing and encouraging her to into the advances of the man just the job.

Read the lady’s long story below and possibly advise her accordingly as she doesn’t know what to do now.

“I’ve been friends with my current boyfriend for two good years-he was caring, always there for me and was quick to help me deal with issues. In fact, he was a wonderful friend. A few months ago, we started a relationship and I enjoyed all his sweet self during our friendship days until I went to school away from Accra. The communication was great away from home at first and it got rough a bit suddenly and whenever I complained, he said I had a temper (Which I knew of and is trying to deal with) and that I went head-on on issues instead of using the right medium and tone and that he didn’t like that and if anything was to tear us apart, it would be my temper.

He normally said this without really addressing the issues raised. These arguments on same issues went on and on and his advice was the same and I always felt he never really addressed any issue but rather targeted at my temper and sometimes threatening that it will get to a time when he will be tired of my unwillingness to change my temper and just move on without really my concerns on how communication was dropping, how he was nicer to his other female and even male friends than me, how I felt I was being hidden cos he never acknowledges the fact that we are in a relationship under the reason that from the start, I told him I didn’t want ‘the whole world know about us and that we should keep to ourselves’ and he saying cos of past mistakes, he didn’t want to put anything in the open and wanted to protect us and etc. Sometimes, he will tell me this is real life and should stop living a fairy tale same life he lived with his exes. Now he’s succeeded in tagging me an impatient nag because of my concerns and I’m really losing my self.

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This same argument has been going on for months but the last but two conversations got me thinking especially when he said I can’t force a vibe after I asked him why it’s difficult for him to introduce me to his friends and etc like he did with his other relationships and the last one was when I told him of a man who was making sexual advances at me because I needed a job at his firm. He told me the world is cruel and that, sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get what you want citing examples of certain successful female friends who had to do the do to get where ever they are and so, if just a one-time sex can land me a very lucrative job, he saw nothing wrong with it and would even do same if he was stuck in same shoes.

Guys, this is a guy I try to help out though I don’t always have the strength all because all his two exes left me cos one he was in school and was incapable of providing for the first and so left for a richer guy and the second too despite he trying his best to cater for her out of his first experience and he not wanting to lose her too left him when he couldn’t get a job right after national service t to be with a richer guy and she’s always regretted that decision. He has a good job now

And so, due to my knowledge of his past, I decided to be there for him no matter what even if I had little. I’ve been through t
terrible relationships in the past yet have tried to give my all to support this guy even when I don’t have the means to but seriously, I’m confused now.

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Please help me”

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