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Obaapa Christy is a husband Snatcher, Ungrateful and my Worse Enemy – Ex- Husband


Obaapa Christy is a husband Snatcher, Ungrateful and my Worse Enemy – Ex- Husband

Well, just before Obaapa Christy tied the knot last weekend, her ex-husband Pastor Love in an interview revealed a Page full of secrets about the renowned Gospel Singer and how their marriage failed.

In the video sighted by, Pastor Love was in the studios of Oman Tv to narrate how his famous marriage with Obaapa Chirsty came to an abrupt end.

Narrating his ordeal, the man of God revealed that he married Obaapa Christy who was a novice in social life from a Poor home and ‘built’ her up to match the fame she got along the Line, heard.

According to the Man of God , he wrote so many hit songs for his ex-wife who later started cheating on him when she went to abroad to deliver their third child.

He only got to know his wife was cheating when an unknown person called him to warn his wife to stay away from her husband.

Fast Forward, Pastor Love revealed that he only got to hear from his wife in an interview on Adom Fm after so many years of no communication.

According to the Man of God, the renowned Gospel Singer now returned home to claim his children of which she succeeded because the court ordered him to do give the Kids to her.

He was then prevented from seeing his three Kids by Obaapa Christy who was changing schools for the children especially when she finds out the Man of God knew where they were schooling, can report.

By God’s grace he managed to know where they were schooling and visited one of the Kids in school only to be threatened by Obaapa Christy’s Younger Brother which Landed them at the Police Station.

When they sat to talk about the issue at the Police Station, Obaapa Christy attempted to Slap him but he was saved by the Police Inspector who held her hand.

In short, the Man of God Shockingly revealed that the court only accepted their divorce appeal last three months.

He added that , he has heard the Gospel Star is getting married to a new husband after her second marriage failed and he prays that one too fails for her to realise how ungrateful she has been to him.

He used the opportunity to advise young men to be very circumspect about the ladies they want to marry and make sure they are from a good home because her in-laws also caused a lot of harm to their marriage.

When asked whether he would ever reconcile with his ex-wife, he said he wouldn’t even walk pass where Obaapa Christy has ever walked nor will ever want to see the dust from her footsteps.

Watch the Full Interview below :

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