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Only poor men flaunt their borrowed wealth – Kwaw Kese replies ‘poor’ Shatta Wale


Only poor men flaunt their borrowed wealth – Kwaw Kese replies ‘poor’ Shatta Wale

Former President John Dramani Mahama is of the view that it is only when the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is in government that the country witnesses the fastest pace in terms of development at all spheres.
He opined that the NDC as a party is development oriented and therefore not surprising from the records from 1992 to date that Ghanaians witness massive development each time NDC steering the affairs of the nation.
Addressing party supporters at Savelugu as part of his campaign tour of the Northern Region, the former President appealed to Ghanaians to kick out the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2020 not because it has failed but the fact they have confidence NDC can do the job.
“If you look at NDC, NDC has always been the party that has brought development to Ghana. If you look at electricity extension, we have extended electricity to so many communities” he revealed.
Enumerating a number of interventions to back his claim he said “If you look at the provision of water we have provided water to many communities. At the time we came into the office, the number of Ghanaians who were enjoying clean drinking water was 58% by the time we left office in 2016 the number of Ghanaians enjoying clean drinking water was 76%. We built hospitals, we built CHPS compounds, we built roads …we were working on this road all the way to Tampion and then all the way to Karaga and Gushiegu. Since we left office thing road has come to a standstill. We were working on the Eastern Corridor road since we left office, the road has come to a standstill. We developed this country, if you look at the history from Ghana from 1992 you realize the fastest progress the country experiences is when NDC is in power”
To this end, he called on branch executives to work assiduously towards the victory of the party in 2020 in order to allow the continuity of developmental projects started by the previous administration but abandoned by the current administration.
“The party wants the strength of the party is in the branches and so everything you that see the party doing is to strengthen the branches. Because the tree or the party is as strong as the roots of the tree.  The branches of the party, the polling station branches are the roots of the tree, so if the polling station branches are strong the party is strong”, he stated.
“That is why the registration exercise was handled by the branches and constituency elections directorate. Now that we all registered, we held branch elections, the branch elections were very competitive and want to congratulate all of you who won positions in your branches and constituencies. You are the ones the party is counting on to do the organizational work in order that the party can come back to power to continue the good work we were doing before 2016”, he stressed.

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