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Pope Skinny confesses he is sad about fight with Shatta Wale

Ghanaian rapper, Pope Skinny known in real life as Kwame Ohene Darko has confessed that he feels sad for the recent feud between himself and Shatta Wale.
According to Pope Skinny, even though he does not regret all that he said about Shatta Wale, he feels sad about the ongoing feud.

In an interview that the rapper granted Accra based Hitz FM, he disclosed that he still loves Shatta Wale regardless of their current misunderstanding.
“Even though I don’t regret, I feel sad for what happened between Shatta Wale and I,” he noted.
Pope Skinny disclosed that he had anticipated the feud that is occurring now since he is aware of Shatta Wale’s character. The rapper said that even though he anticipated a feud, he did not expect it to go in the manner that it is going now.
Pope Skinny however disclosed that he could have had such a feud with Shatta Wale way back but for his humility. “I have known Shatta for a very long time, it has happened to almost every body and because of how humble and very down to earth I am, I’m able to tolerate him for all this while,” he stressed. “We have our good times, we have our bad times and I don’t regret being a friend with Shatta,” he added.
Pope Skinny and Shatta Wale have been close friends until the two began taking shots at one another recently.
The feud began after Shatta Wale announced that he had sacked Pope Skinny and some others from his Shatta Movement team. Pope Skinny who got furious about the announcement took to Snapchat to make some allegations about Shatta Wale in a quest to reply the dancehall artiste. In one of the allegations, Pope Skinny revealed that Shatta Wale uses ‘juju’, a reason why he is successful in the music industry.
Pope Skinny also disclosed that Shatta Wale had been sleeping with his own cousin, Magdalene Love. The rapper in another allegation disclosed that Shatta Wale at a point sent his boys to go and burn down the offices of 4syte TV.

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