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Sakodie Gives Counselor Lutterodt A ‘Befitting’ Reply

In Ghana, being very controversial makes you popular and so is the case of controversial counselor, Counselor Lutterodt. He has been in the news for the good, the bad and the ugly reasons.

Counselor Lutterodt in one of his usual controversial submissions has urge Ghana’s fastest rapper, Sarkodie to marry ‘many’ women.

When Sarkodie was asked if he has heard about the comment the counselor made, he answered affirmatively saying “I saw the headline but I haven’t heard him say it”. When the host, Andy Dosty asked if he replied him, Sarkodie said “I choose what to put my energy into…”

Basically, Obidi, just decided not to delve into the matter and ‘worry’ himself with the issue so he chose to ignore the comment.

Adding up, the ‘Mary’ hitmaker stated that he really like Counselor Lutterodt as a person. He knows he (Counselor Lutterodt) his doing and it is his brand. He added that you have to understand what he (Counselor Lutterodt) is doing.

When the host asked Sakodie that he seems to ignore a lot of things, his reply was “You have to…”

As the saying goes ‘the elderly doesn’t dwell much on hearsay’, it seems to us that Ghana’s rap king is overly matured to be giving attention to all ‘peasant’ issues that comes his way!!!