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Short Hairstyle For African Women

Short hairstyles have been a culture for African black women since the 80’s. Why am I saying this, short hairstyle are mostly done by our Ghanaian queen mothers especially the Ashanti queen mothers to represent our rich culture.

This current generation adopted foreign cultures by leaving longer hairs by perming them. But taking a close look at them now, they have all gone back for the short hair which are ideally made for the black woman.

Normally short hair look best when they are left natural and they look extraordinary when they are dyed with brown, gold among others and they look fashionable. Though short hair style have become the trendy hair do among black women, there are so many names given to them such as perm cut among others.

There is an advantage for short hair style.

The black woman with a short hairstyle benefits from a special hair texture, styles and length other hair can’t match. Short hair can always give you the looks even if not styled.