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Stacy Allegedly Died During An Abortion for NPP John Boadu And Not a liposuction

The baby mama of Kennedy Agyapong, Stacy Offei Darko, who was the deputy CEO of the National Entrepreneurship Innovation Program (NEIP), died at the infamous Dr. Obengfo hospital – the sham plastic surgeon extraordinaire.

Dr. Obengfo became famous for working on the bodies of ladies including some of the Ghanaian female celebrities to give them the shapes and contours that they want. Some also went there to increase in their butts or boobs.

Stacy’s sudden death at the hospital went viral. The doctor, Dominic Obeng Andoh was arrested.

Many thought she was definitely there for a procedure on her body and Kennedy Agyapong later seemingly confirmed that she was having liposuction.

Trust Ghanaians to bring out more ‘filla’ about any given situation.

The new hot gossip, however, flowing from a notorious Instagram account thosecalledcelebs claims that Stacy was actually at the hospital for an abortion and that she was pregnant with John Boadu.

The allegation reads;

“Another news trending about Stacys death….it has come to my notice dat…Stacy didn’t go in for any body shape oooo but she rather went in for an Abortion …and de foetus papa is John Boadu…is alleged oooo!!!.. de source claims to be a very closed friend ???”


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Rosemond Brown Caught Pants Down Trying To Lie Her Way Into Fame

It is becoming evidently clear that Rosemond Brown otherwise known as Akwapim Poloo quest to get to stardom is adopting a clandestine which is to peddle falsehood about renowned celebrities and how they misconducted themselves towards her.

Just when the rape claims against Medikal were just being dusted, Rosemond Brown was again at it claiming that she gave sex in exchange for a movie role at her novice stages which proved futile.

According to her, she gave in to the sexual advances of Prince Yawson otherwise known as Waakye and Fred Amugi because they both promised to nurture her in her acting career but they both failed to fulfill their part of the bargain.

In order to ascertain the truth, reached out to the two veteran actors in separate instances and they categorically denied having anything to do with her.

What was even shocking was the fact that the lady in question is not known to the two who have contributed significantly to the movie industry that their names will go down as persons who paid their dues.

Waakye wondered why Rosemond could be such a blatant liar warning that if she was doing so for fame, she should be mindful that he [Waakye] has taken more than a decade to build his credibility and will not allow anyone soil it like that.

“I do not even know who Rosemond Brown is. What does she do”, he asked.

Meanwhile, the fame-seeking Rosemond has made a sudden u-turn about claims she was nearly raped by Medikal and is pleading for forgiveness.

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Rahim Banda Dating Teen Actress Yaa Jackson

It seems teen actor Rahim Banda is falling in love with teen actress Yaa Jackson. An Insider has hinted tous that the two could be dating officially soon as Rahim has expressed interest in the 19-year-old girl.

Rahim Banda, actor, and is son of the award-winning producer Ahmed Banda. He was recently elected as the School Prefect for his school, Ghana National College after he won the votes of 44 classes out of 52.

The insider who hinted us says, Rahim Banda has been sending love messages to Yaa Jackson on Whatsapp and her Instagram and every now and then they do some video calls when the opportunity presents itself.

And it’s not just Rahim who’s falling in love, but the teen actress Yaa Jackson has also fallen in love with him and she wish they could make their relationship official and make a public announcement.

Recently, monitored a post on her Instagram account, and her caption read; “Am inlove 💗🐩but who care’s to know🐱 ?”

We will keep our eyes on them and bring you more gossip when we get something. Share your thoughts on this in comments.

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Waakye and Fred Amugi Has Enterted Into My Pants Before – Rosemond Brown

Actress Rosemond Brown has confessed to have slept with Fred Amugi and Waakye in her bid to become popular and relevant in the movie industry.

Rosemond Brown became famous after posting videos of herself attacking celebrities.

In a yet to be telecasted interview on Delay Show, the actress who continues to beg movie producers to call her for roles indicated that she has slept with veteran actors including Fred Amugi and Waakye in her bid to gain roles and become relevant in the industry.

She disclosed this when Delay inquired that “apart from Fred Amugi and Waakye which other man have you slept with in the movie industry?

A confused Rosemond Brown who could not believe Delay knew about what she does in the dark looked at her for some minutes and answered “theare the only people I’ve slept with”.


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