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The Ghanaian Immigration Service Is Denying Candidates With Bleached Skin and Stretch Marks

The organization claims that they’ve done so to prevent candidates from “bleeding during strenuous activities.”

The Ghanaian Immigration Service (GIS) has barred candidates with bleached skinned and stretch marks from taking part in a major employee recruitment, stating that candidates with either could potentially bleed during strenuous activity, reports BBC Africa.

The motion also disqualifies people with dread locks, tattoos, and bowed legs from participating.

“The kind of work we do, it’s strenuous and the training is such that if you have bleached skin or surgical marks on your body during training exercises, you may incur some bleedings,” said Superintendent Michael Amoako-Attah, to BBC Pidgin.

Many on social media have criticized the decision, calling it arbitrary and sexist—though its worth noting that both men and women bleach and get stretch marks—and overtly discriminatory.

The specific rule about stretch marks has garnered the most responses so far.


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Health & Fitness

One alcoholic drink a day could shorten your life, study says

Having as little as one alcoholic drink a day could shorten your life, according to a major new study.

An analysis of 600,000 drinkers found that drinking five to 10 alcoholic drinks a week was likely to shorten a person’s life by up to six months.

This increases with higher alcohol consumption, with those who have 18 drinks or more losing up to five years of life.

Experts said it challenged the idea that light drinking was good for us.

Scientists, who compared the health and drinking habits of alcohol drinkers in 19 countries, calculated how much life a person could expect to lose if they drank the same way for the rest of their lives from the age of 40.

They found the upper safe limit of drinking before there was an increased risk of death was around 12.5 units a week – the equivalent of about five pints of beer or five 175ml glasses of above-average strength wine.

But they said drinking at all levels increased the risk of cardiovascular illnesses.

For every 12.5 units of alcohol people drank a week it raised the risk of:

Stroke by 14%
Fatal hypertensive disease by 24%
Heart failure by 9%
Fatal aortic aneurysm by 15%
Drinking datapic

Drinking alcohol was linked with a lower risk of non-fatal heart disease, but scientists said this benefit was “swamped” by the increased risk of other forms of heart disease.

The large analysis challenges the idea that drinking in moderation can be healthy for us, experts said.

Previous studies have suggested that drinking red wine can be good for our hearts, although some scientists have suggested these benefits may be overhyped.

Another Danish study found drinking three to four times a week was linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

“This study makes clear that on balance there are no health benefits from drinking alcohol, which is usually the case when things sound too good to be true,” Tim Chico, professor of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Sheffield, who was not involved in the research said.

“Although non-fatal heart attacks are less likely in people who drink, this benefit is swamped by the increased risk of other forms of heart disease including fatal heart attacks and stroke.”

Red wine poured into a glass

Authors said the study backed up the UK’s recently lowered guidelines, which since 2016 recommend both men and women should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol each week, the equivalent of about six drinks a week.

Recommended limits in Italy, Portugal, and Spain are almost 50% higher than this, and in the USA the upper limit for men is nearly double this.

But Victoria Taylor, senior dietician at the British Heart Foundation, which partly funded the study, said this did not mean the UK “should rest on its laurels”.

“Many people in the UK regularly drink over what’s recommended” she said.

“We should always remember that alcohol guidelines should act as a limit, not a target, and try to drink well below this threshold.”

Dr Angela Wood, from the University of Cambridge, lead author of the study said: “The key message of this research is that, if you already drink alcohol, drinking less may help you live longer and lower your risk of several cardiovascular conditions.”

Source: BBC


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16 Signs You May Have HIV Without Knowing – If You Notice Number 14 or 16, Please Visit Your Doctor

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About 36.7 million people worldwide are currently living with H.I.V, and 1.8 million of those infected are children who contracted the disease from their mothers according to A shocking one in eight people who have AIDS do not even know they have it yet – are you one of them?

While there is no cure for H.I.V AIDS, if detected early on, antiretroviral treatments, or ART, can keep the disease at bay and allow carriers to lead a fairly normal life.

The only way to know for sure whether you have contracted H.I.V is to be tested for it. Here Are Signs You May Have HIV Without Knowing

1. Fever

One of the first signs of ARS might be a mild fever, up to about 102 degrees F. In case you experience the fever, you may also often experience other generally mellow side-effects, such as sore throat, swelling of the lymph organs, weakness etc.

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Bukom Banku declares ‘war’ on gay men

Known for not mincing with words, defeated ‘Africa Mayweather’ as he prefers to be called has pulled another stunner, lashing out at, not a boxing opponent probably Samir Bestie, but at homosexual men in Ghana.

Yes, Briamah Kamoko, widely known as Bukom Banku, has taken the fight to gay men in Ghana in a street protest with some patrons.

In a video circulating on social media, the self-acclaimed African Mayweather who recently had his flawless boxing record dented by Samir Bestie in last year’s bout is seen in a video with loud spinners charging gay men to quit anal sex.

Bukom Banku who was patrolling the principal streets of his community with loud music and dozens of people cheering him on made intermittent stops warning gay men to ‘repent’.

According to Banku, he doesn’t understand why men still pursue colleague men when there are beautiful and ‘affordable’ vaginas priced as low as GHC1.

“The gay men in this community should hear me out. Please stop because there are a lot of vaginas in this community. We have some priced at one cedi, two cedis, and three cedis. We have really nice vaginas in Accra, and the Accra ladies are sweet and beautiful. So the males who are obsessed with gayism must stop the anal sex,” he said.



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