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The UK based Ghanaian lesbobos hit back at Ghanaians again(With A Video)

The UK based Ghanaian lesbobos, Dorcas Antwi and Linda best known on social media as DeeLyn has hit back Ghanaians for calling them out since it became known that they are lesbobos.
Speaking in a live Facebook video, Dorcas Antwi questioned why people keep telling them they need to change their lives because it’s their lives and they do with it what they please.
Dorcas Antwi who has been described by several social media users as ugly questioned if there is a special kind of beauty one needs to get before she can be a Ghanaian.
They both joined to described Ghanaians as villagers and uncivilized people and claimed that attitude to why Ghana is not developing.
According to these UK based lesbobos who claim their parents and family have accepted them as they are so they care less about what others think, they are civilized and if they will go to hell as religious folks in Ghana keep telling them, it will be their hell and people should leave them alone.
From what we  gathered, these lesbobos lives in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom and the dark (Mostly described by many as the ugly one) is Dorcas Antwi and she is the male in the relationship.
The other one is called Linda and from what we are hearing, she is currently pregnant for Dorcas as a result of artificial insemination.
Well, it is their life and its legal in the UK but mind you, it’s a huge taboo in Ghana and that is why it shocks many they are so open and not “Ashamed” of the taboo.

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