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Things to do with the person you love when you feel bored – It’s way more than Making Love (With Pictures)

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Are you going through a relationship rut? Are things with the person you love getting boring? Same routines and very predictable outcomes.

Have you run out of ideas to have fun with your lover? Is your relationship going from 100 to 0 in the “fun area”? Well, worry no more because this article from Randy Skilton will help take the bore away.

In the beginning, couples embrace the new adventures and thrills their relationships bring. As they get to know each other, become comfortable with each other, and settle into a steady kind of love, their adventurous nature falls into sleep mode, giving up challenge and discovery in exchange for comfort and security. Both partners invest less energy in the relationship as they develop predictable rituals and routines.

So, the question isn’t about whether boredom will show up in your relationship; it’s about how you the two of you will deal it when it does.

While routines can be comforting for people, especially when there are children involved, they are essentially the death knell for many relationships and marriages.

For those of you feeling stuck in a relationship rut, here are 6 things to do with person you love when you’re bored to break your relationship’s habituation and routine.

1. Watch something together

Sure, you watch TV and movies together. But what we are talking about is just the two of you: no kids, no gadgets, no sitting far apart. So, hold hands, snuggle and feel yourselves getting closer.

Experts say that you can use the TV as a way of connecting with your partner.

In the past, many households had only one TV and not that many shows to choose from. Couples often bonded in the living room watching shows together. Nowadays, Television has become a solo activity. You will realize that you do not always sit in the same room with your partner to watch anything.

Find a show or a movie that appeals to both of you and watch it together. You will not only be spending some time together, but you will have something new to talk about. Bonus points if you can watch the show live, which will enforce a specific time to hang out together each week.

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