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This Is How Much Adjetey Anang Charges For A Single Movie

In today’s world, money rules everything. The salary an individual takes home hugely determines how good he or she may live his life.

Ghanaian award-winning actor, Adjetey Anang in an interview on Hitz FM has revealed that his prices for movies are not rigid. Although he admittedthat some producers thinks he charges high, but there are others who think his prices are moderate.

Asked by the host if he charges ‘too much’, he replied saying “…, for some yes, they (producers) say I charge too much…”

He claimed that whiles others complain about his rates, other producers are willing to pay with some even willing to pay more.

He stated emphatically that he isn’t that ‘rigid’ in his pricing.

He revealed that most movies that he has had major impacts on, he virtually didn’t take anything from the producers.

He added that sometimes it isn’t about money but you have to look at the potential story has.
He mentioned few movies that he didn’t ‘charge’ anything from the producers, and notably amongst them was the movie ‘Keteke’.

Maybe we have to name him Adjetey The Philanthropist, because starring in a movie without charging, not everyone does that