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Today in 2018 – Efia Odo describes Moesha Bodoung as a cow


Today in 2018 – Efia Odo describes Moesha Bodoung as a cow

Exactly a year today the ‘beef’ between Efia Odo and Moesha Buduong took a different shape. After Moesha’s explanation yesterday that she is in this beef with Efia Odo because she has been stepping on her toes, Efia Odo has also sent back her own reply.

In an interview with Ameyaw TV at, AFRIMA the Ghanaian actress and TV presenter throw a major shade a Moesha Buduong to probably keep the heat going. In the interview with Zeinat of Ameyaw TV, Efia Odo stated “Who’s that, what’s that, is that like a cow or something? in a reply to a statement that mentioned Moesha’s name.

The actress also added that she was not beefing with anyone. According to her, she is just living her life. “I don’t beef okay. I just spill the truth and make it go. You take it the way you want it”, she said.

The Moe-Odo beef started recently after Moesha called out Efia on her video which was posted on Instagram handle purportedly preaching about how true Christians should be loving and forgiving like God.

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