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Video:D-Cryme Says Women Would Choose Cars Over 6 Packs And He Is So Right

Since D-Cryme is a fresh dude and has obviously ‘walked in the projects’ of several women, he definitely has the experience and tips under his sleeves to share with all of us when it comes women.
According to the rapper who is best known for his Kill Me Shy and Koko Sakora songs, if he were a lady, he will definitely choose a guy with six cars over one with six packs.
According to D.Cryme, cars are a necessity and help greatly in one’s daily activities whereas six packs is just a thing to drool over and has no importance.
He said this in a chit-chat with SVTV AFRICA. “Most women would choose a man with cars over a man with six packs because cars are a necessity whereas six packs is only seen when one is shirtless.”
D-Cryme suggested several girls get frustrated using uber or taxi and therefore wouldn’t hesitate to jump into the hands of a man who has a car.
Do you agree with his assertion? Share your opinion with us.

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