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Video:I cut short a promising boxing career to sell ‘weed’ – Uncle Ebo Whyte

Most successful people in our society have been through hell before they could get to where they are now.
Popular playwright, Uncle Ebo Whyte, in a recent interview narrated how he was once a ‘marijuana seller’ when he was growing up.
“…, I was actually the ‘sales agent’ of the main guy, who happened to be my senior half-brother”, he revealed. He says they shared a room together so by default he became his ‘sales assistant’.
Amidst laughter from him and the host, he said that they didn’t make money from the sale of the marijuana because his brother was their biggest customer.
Uncle Ebo Whyte also revealed that he was once a boxer, and although he had a promising boxing career, he had to retire at the age of 14.
Uncle Ebo Whyte was speaking about his journey in life and some of the most outrageous take of all that has happened in his life.
It is very surprising because we are not sure anyone would have thought Uncle Ebo Whyte once sold marijuana at a point in his life.
Let’s all take a cue from this and persevere in our struggles.
Watch video here:


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