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We Are About To Witness The Biggest ‘FIGHT’ Between Akwapim Poloo And Pope Skinny

Pope Skinny is not someone you can go about saying all you like about him and expect that he is going to let you go off the hook loosely.

Skinny has been on about how he is the best rapper and lyricist in the country. According to him, he raps better than Sarkodie, Flowking Stone, Medikal and many of the rappers in the country.

It does not look like Rosemond Brown aka Akwapim Poloo sleeps on the same bed with Pope Skinny. According to Rose, he is a rapper and when it comes down to choosing between Pope and D-Black, she would definitely root for the former.

We will wait for Pope Skinny to hear this and what he has to say to it.

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