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Why do women bring down other women? Juliet Ibrahim asks Yvonne Nelson, others


Why do women bring down other women? Juliet Ibrahim asks Yvonne Nelson, others

Just a few days after Yvonne Nelson was accused of sabotaging a big deal for a fellow actress and Slayer, Nana Akua Addo, Juliet Ibrahim has taken to her Instagram page to question why some women take delight in pulling other women down.

According to Juliet Ibrahim, it’s unwise to mock or laugh at other women when they are in a predicament.
This is because one day, you or your sister might be in the same situation and it won’t be a laughing matter to you at the time, Juliet Ibrahim explained,

Juliet Ibrahim went on to preach about women standing up for fellow women when it’s necessary and not trampled upon other women in order to feel good about themselves.
Juliet Ibrahim wrote on Instagram:

Why do we, as women bring down other women, knowing how hard life can be for a woman? Never mock or laugh at another woman when she’s in her predicament because Sister one day you or someone close to you might be a victim of something similar or worse. In @atoasttolifebook I stated “ Sisters over bros” I believe in sisterhood, but most of us are happy being in blind competition with each other.

We need to be there and support each other even if you don’t know that woman personally. Don’t bring her down just because you envy her shine or don’t understand her and how she’s making it happen. Join forces as women and watch extremely great things happen!

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