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Why married men cheat in 2018

It’s 2018 and men are still cheating as they have always done. Whether it’s a man cheating on his wife, or a boyfriend cheating on his girlfriend… it’s not new anymore, or as shocking as it once used to be.

Cheating is not a sport only men play, though. We must add that women are just as crazy at cheating as men are. And it has even been argued here once that women could be worse cheats than men.

Regardless of all that; one thing is certain and it is that men are still out here cheating on women they promised to love with their body, spirit and souls. Cheating itself may not be new, but the methods are becoming more artistic, more brazen, fearless and even shameless.

As the techniques change, however, not much have changed about the reasons why men cheat on their wives. Men still cheat for all the obvious reasons, five of which are listed below here: 1. Boredom

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Marrying someone for the wrong reasons get people into situations and keeps them stuck longer than they should be there. And sadly, breaking out isn’t always as easy as the word sounds, especially with the possible presence of kids.

5 classic excuses Nigerian men give for cheating (Jaruma)

2. They just don’t care
Some men are just… for the lack of a better word, scum.

The ones who fall into this category are those who have women who would give their all for them, they have model wives, fantastic mums to their kids and women who are considerate of all their needs, yet they go on to cheat on them just because they can.

3. Incompatibility in sex drive with their partners

This is not an excuse to cheat on one’s partner, really. And simply reinforces the opinion that when partners are dating before marrying, whether celibate or not, they should talk about sex and discuss their sexual compatibility.

Kiss and tell. (Capital Kenya)
4. More women are open to sleeping with married men

It is 2018 and it would appear that more young women are open to sleeping with married men, young or old, for reasons best known to them.

This topic has been well examined in this article here. 5. Dip in sexual desires

For older married men who cheat on their wives with younger women, it could be because of a dip in sexual drive in their women, due to age.

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