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Women now using toothpaste to firm up sagging breasts

Women are slowly inventing new methods to keep their bodies looking youthful as they completely attempt to stay away from the dreaded old age. Not too long ago, news broke that some women were resorting to consuming chicken feed (chick mash) so as to achieve a bigger, wider and jiggly bum.

Now, a Nigerian YouTuber by the name NaturalBeauty556 has chosen to school women on how to achieve a full, firm set of boobies.

Her method, though unconventional, is one you have probably never seen or heard.

According to the lady, a woman who desperately needs her chesticles to stop complying to the law of gravity should run to the nearest store and purchase a tube of toothpaste.

According to the socialite, applying the paste on one’s chest works wonders in a record-breaking six days. Hmm. In an extensive presentation, the lady mixed yoghurt, toothpaste, cucumber, flour and egg whites in a bowl then went ahead to apply the contents on her breasts.

Scrolling through YouTube, discovered this was actually a trend that was slowly picking up as many other content creators were adapting to the strange habit. The other so-called experts, however, claimed the process takes a good 30 days for a lady to finally see the fruits of her labour. In this case, the fruits are apples. If you know, you know. Hehe!

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