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You Can Never Understand A Woman Fully: You Can Only Learn To Accept What You Do Not Understand.

You Can Never Understand A Woman Fully: You Can Only Learn To Accept What You Do Not Understand.
For the twenty something years I have been on this earth, I have come to realize women are the most complicated ‘thing’ ever. Attempting to uncomplicated them leads to further complications.
You can never understand a woman fully. You can only learn to accept what you do not understand. Same way you could leave a calculus class confused and felt you needed to put in more effort to understand the topic.
Most often we need to do some deep thinking to be on the same page with them. Sometimes women need same dedication and hopefulness.
Most of us have struggled in our relationships because mentally we just weren’t prepared. We made our need for companionship and affection overshadow our preparedness. We choose to understand them in our own way which is obviously clouded by our bias judgement.
A relationship and marriage I have come to believe is more of a psychological thing than physical. We Africans make the best husbands (yes I am bias) but being brought up to believe that our strength lies in supremacy has always worked against us.
We come across as authoritative and commanding without realizing. It is just in our genes and when a woman decides not to subject, that is where there is a problem. Women are very ironic. She will request for all the power in this world from you, avail it to her and she will give it back to you and more.
That is what we fail to understand. Power does not come with masculinity. It comes with consensus. You can only have it when she decides to give it to you. Most of the time we are so consumed by our quest for dominion that we fail to do things to merit it. A man can be wrong or right. Do not defend yourself. There is no victory in defense.
But a woman can either be right or not wrong.They are never wrong outright. If we accept this and give them a full room for their complication we’ll do good. No good woman will abuse the room you give her. Give her enough room that she doesn’t know her way around.
That is how to make her vulnerable. That is where u get your power. Tame her with your love and make her feel at home in your vacuum.
Once you have convinced her she has this, what you never had and what you don’t deserve us what she’ll give to you. Einstein, one of the greatest scientists was never married. He knew the extent of his knowledge and made no attempt to get to know a woman and explain their nature like he did with his theories. And who are you to attempt?


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