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Zylofon Media And Sammy Flex Are Constantly Trying To Pull Stonebwoy Down

Zylofon Media And Sammy Flex Are Constantly Trying To Pull Stonebwoy Down
One social media user by name Abotsi David has boldly struck some nerves by accusing Zylofon Media and Samuel Atoubi Baah famously known as Sammy Flex of setting a deliberate agenda to pull down dancehall comrade Stonebwoy.
Ranting and venting on his Facebook timeline Abotsi David wrote;
Bro Samuel Atuobi Baah let me be frank with you today as a fan. I have been one of your fans for a while now. I wouldn’t say from day one but from your days with Doctar Cann on #happyFM, your day one, your days and almost everyday on #Pluzzfm, your Saturdays show on #AtinkaTV and even your one night show on at #AtinkaRadio which got interrupted by herbalists and Mallams ?? and now on #ZylofonFm. Seriously i Like you. You are hard working. I like your attitude towards work. I admire you a lot. I defend you when necessary. Those who i’m close to know and most of them are gonna get shocked after reading what i am about to write.
The negative vibes with you and some of your panelists on your show towards Stonebwoy is becoming too much. Lots of people do complain and i always defend your thinking you will change but it obvious you won’t change.
I know you doing this for some reasons and one of them is Stonebwoy refusal to do anything #ZylofonFm. My dear mother used to tell us this ” before you get angry over something someone has done to you, try and fix yourself at the person’s position before you get angry”.
You carry a particular panelist from Pluzz fm who was paid to destroy Stonebwoy. Wille Roi on your show one morning said, there are some many music festivals in the world but didn’t understand why Ghanaian musicians are not taking advantage of it cos those are the show that brings international recognition. This morning on your show, same person cos of hate for Stonebwoy, he is mocking him for playing festivals and calling himself an international artist. He didn’t mention his name but if you know you know.
You always bring to your show people whom you know are going to talk against Stonebwoy. Ask yourself, if you would be happy to appear on a show which does nothing but wish your down fall. I remember the Kumi diss to Stonebwoy you played on your show and you went to #Peacefm and they bashed you, you got angry. Monday morning, you were on air saying somethings which in Ewe we say hamasisi or hamashishi??.
All that i want to tell you with all my above nonsense is, you are doing great with your show for the industry but the negative vibes can destroy everything one day
Let have a great afternoon
But bro Samy there is this great comedian i wish you can meet. He is Avege Unity. The only male comedian with a breast ??
An obviously bold Abotsi went ahead to accuse Arnold Elevanyo Mensah who runs VibesIn5 and also affiliated with Zylofon Media for sharing a post by one Nana Yaw Burniton which revealed the intention that some fans and followers of Stonebwoy are preparing to beat some Zylofon Media officials at the Ashaiman To The World Concert on 27th October this year.
Arnold Mensah Elavanyo you see what hypocrisy dey do some of you this Zylofon guys. Before the launch of the Reign, lots of wale fan were threatening bloggers. Some even planned to destroy Sark’s car in case he comes around. You Arnold, i know you heard or saw some of those threat on social media but didn’t screen shot or say anything about it. But the moment you saw similar threat from a Stonebwoy fan Nana Yaw Burniton you quickly screen shoot it and put it on your wall. For Stonebwoy and his fans to look bad abi.
Abi you dey enjoy the comment you are getting. That is the purpose for your post abi. Everything you guys are doing against Stonebwoy at Zylofon, guys for know say he is also an artist on the label. I no dey justify what Nana wrote but we all know the Agenda some of you Zylofon guys get about Stonebwoy.
Zylofon Media And Sammy Flex Are Constantly Trying To Pull Stonebwoy Down
Zylofon Media And Sammy Flex Are Constantly Trying To Pull Stonebwoy Down


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